Jennifer Blake

jennifer blake 

CLASS: Contemporary


Jennifer Blake has worked professionally as a performer and teacher in both the USA and Europe. She is currently the Director of Dance for the Institute of the Arts Barcelona in Sitges, Spain.

Previously, Jennifer was Diploma Dance Course Leader and BA, (Hons) Lecturer in Contemporary and Jazz Dance at Sir Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA). Jennifer performed for eight years in a range of contexts, as a ballet dancer, contemporary dancer and commercial dancer/actor with P &O Princess Cruises, Super Bowl XXX111/ Radio City Entertainment, Tampa Bay Ballet, Demetrius Klein Dance Company, X –Factor Dance Company, Wired Aerial Theatre, Jacqui Jones Dance Company/GuangDong Modern Dance Company and Curve Foundation, UK.

Jennifer received choreographic awards and research funding from Liverpool Capital of Culture, National Health

Service, Scottish Arts Council and Edinburgh City Council. Jennifer has taught on dance programs in UArts Philidelphia, P.A., Jacksonville University, Fl. USA, and Liverpool John Moores University, Hope University and Edinburgh’s Telford College, UK. In Barcelona, Jennifer has led the development of dance for the IAB Diploma courses, taught for the Cirque De Soleil casting 2012 and choreographed for La Compania.

Jennifer holds an MA in Dance Theatre Practice (LIPA), PG TQFE. (University of Dundee), BFA in Dance, (JU, Fl., USA.) and she is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK. She trained at the High School of the Performing Arts, Rochester, NY, School of Hartford Ballet and Jacob’s Pillow on full – scholarship. Jennifer’s student graduates have gone on to dance with X-Factor (UK),’We Will Rock You’, Duffy, Kylie Minogue (2 students), Janet Jackson, Ollie Mur, ‘Got to Dance’ UK, DV8, Diversions Dance Company, Dirty Dancing (TV), Mama Mia (Film), Princess Cruises, Bollywood and Disney.




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